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Vietnam - World Bank: For the goal of Ecological Agriculture - Vibrant Countryside - Innovative Farmers

The Minister highly regarded the World Bank for providing support through a number of effective initiatives in Vietnam, noting that the WB's sharing of experience from cooperation programs in countries with similar context had contributed to the development of transparent and sustainable agriculture in Vietnam. 

He proposed the World Bank provide financial and technical assistance for the execution of detailed programs and projects aimed at achieving the objective of developing green, clean, low carbon emissions and sustainable agriculture, transforming the food system in a transparent, responsible, and sustainable direction, and ensuring food security not only for 100 million Vietnamese citizens but also for consumers worldwide through exports. 

The Minister also requested that the World Bank coordinate with Vietnam to prepare a series of projects to realize the aforementioned orientation in specific subsectors, such as agricultural production, husbandry, fisheries, forestry, and collective rural development. 

To ensure food security, sustainable growth, and low carbon emissions in Vietnam, it is crucial to consider the long-term sustainability and widespread effect of initiatives, as well as the farmers' capacity to maintain a steady income. 

Particularly for the Mekong Delta, the Minister said that the MARD had established a Steering Committee and a Coordination Office in Can Tho to enhance sustainable agriculture.

Minister Le Minh Hoan and Ms. Manuela V. Ferro, World Bank Regional Vice President for East Asia and Pacific (EAP). Photo: Le Trung Quan.

The WB appreciated the productive cooperation with Vietnam and pledged long-term assistance for the country. Ms. Manuel V. Ferro highly regarded the leadership of the MARD's formation and execution of plans and initiatives in Vietnam. 

The World Bank believed that Vietnam might replicate its strategy for the Mekong Delta in other nations worldwide. Ms. Manuela V. Ferro also anticipated a commitment from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam to present the optimal solution for the Mekong Delta area in the form of synchronized and balanced actions. 

The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam affirmed the intention of thoroughly discussing and identifying necessary objectives for Vietnamese agriculture in general and the Mekong Delta area in particular to improve the adaptability of farmers, considering people as the center of focus. Vietnam would rebuild the local agricultural extension system to assist farmers in rural community restructuring and further promote the connection between agricultural laborers and the private sector. 

Both parties agreed to direct specialized agencies to prepare detailed plans for a new journey, contributing to the creation of a new drive for the implementation of a new strategy and vision for Vietnam in the direction of Ecological Agriculture - Vibrant Countryside - Innovative Farmers.

Authors: Anh Tuan - Thu Huyen

Translated by Linh Linh

Vietnam Agriculture Newspapers